How to Submit for Login Review

You do not need to submit your app if it will only be used by you or by a reduced number of people. Any account listed in the Roles tab in your App Dashboard, such as admins, developers and testers, can access all permissions and generate a user or page access token. You can useRead more

Understanding and Controlling Impulse Spending

Understanding and Controlling Impulse Spending I'm 72 years of age and for several years now I've realized that the biggest battles most of us face (including me) are battles that go on within our minds. It's also true that many of those battles have to do with money… how we make it and, perhaps moreRead more

Deciphering the Art of Storytelling

Deciphering The Art of Storytelling Anybody trying to build a brand on the web has undoubtedly noticed all the chatter about storytelling. Most commentators think it's a useful skill. I agree. The only problem with actually doing it is that most of the stuff I've read about it don't say how to do it. ItRead more

The Big Green Rock That Ruins People’s Lives

There's No Such Thing As A Bad Good Story It won't take long, but I just have to pass along this great story. It relates to several things. I found this article in my Inbox tonight. It came via my subscription even though the article has nothing to do with tech. It's strictly humanRead more

Domain Name Generators – There Are Such Things

Looking For A Good Domain Name? Everybody's online journey is slightly different but one of the things everybody eventually learns is that there are tools called, "domain name generators". I was reminded of that tonight and I remembered two that I used to play around with a lot. I went looking for them on GoogleRead more

Kiwi Fruit, Chat Bots, and Marriage

Kiwi Fruit, Chat Bots, and Marriage   Who in their right mind would marry a Kiwi Fruit or a Minion? Who in their right mind would want to have a conversation with a Minion… or a Kiwi Fruit? Nobody would, right? So why would anyone want to talk to a Chat-bot? Can somebody explain whyRead more

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